1 10, 2019

Our Nerdy Kitchen Renovation


Since we got possession of our townhouse last year Dave and I have been working on renovating and decorating it - although the bulk of the design insanity comes down to me. I've finished

Our Nerdy Kitchen Renovation2019-09-29T19:47:11-04:00
16 04, 2019

Antique Bar Cart & Wine Glass Shelf


Dave and I don't drink very often, but I wanted to make sure that we at least had a set of wine glasses in the event that we had company and wanted to drink.

Antique Bar Cart & Wine Glass Shelf2019-04-16T12:30:14-04:00
8 02, 2019

An Island in a Sea of DIY Madness


The last six months or so, I've been plugging away at renovating and furnishing our house. You would think that in that time I would have gotten a lot more completely finished, especially during

An Island in a Sea of DIY Madness2019-01-23T20:50:29-05:00
29 12, 2017

2017 Year in Review


The winter blues are a real there, especially here in Saskatchewan where the days can be short.  And, like many artists I sometimes struggle with feelings of worthlessness. There are days when I wonder

2017 Year in Review2017-12-12T19:30:52-05:00
22 12, 2017

Merry Catmus & Happy Holidays!


Merry Catmus & Happy Holidays from our family to yours. We hope you have a happy, healthy 2018 and that Sandy Claws brings you many tuna treats, catnip mice and feathered danglers for

Merry Catmus & Happy Holidays!2017-12-12T13:20:15-05:00