7 01, 2019

2019 Self Portrait


Happy New Year, dear readers! I normally try to start out the new year with lots of blog entries ready to go, but the end of 2018 wasn't very kind to me in terms

2019 Self Portrait2019-01-09T09:50:31-04:00
18 05, 2018

Keyleth & The Raven


This weekend is Otafest in Calgary, where I'll be giving a presentation on tsumami zaiku. You can find me on Sunday, in Telus 103 from 3-4 PM. I'll be talking about kanzashi, doing a

Keyleth & The Raven2019-01-31T14:04:51-04:00
4 05, 2018

Mermaid Nouveau – with Free Printable Coloring Page!


Now that it's May, I figured it would be a great time to finish a MerMay drawing that I started last year. I love working on kanzashi, but I must admit that being able

Mermaid Nouveau – with Free Printable Coloring Page!2018-02-08T12:25:41-04:00
14 02, 2018

The Fox & The Pupper – with Free Printable Coloring Sheet!


Happy Valentine's Day lovely readers! I am very excited to share with you this year's Valentine's Day card. I draw a card for my husband every year, usually a drawing of a fox. This

The Fox & The Pupper – with Free Printable Coloring Sheet!2018-02-08T15:04:13-04:00
1 01, 2018

2018 Self Portrait – AppleDainty Nouveau


Happy New Year Everyone! 2017 was a rough year, but I am full of hope that 2018 will be better - and I am ready to work hard to make it happen.  Like the

2018 Self Portrait – AppleDainty Nouveau2017-12-27T19:52:33-04:00