29 06, 2018

Shop Update – Vox Machina Reliquary Prints & Tsumami Lapel Pins


Hello my lovely readers! It's been a few weeks since I last updated the blog, but never fear. I have been super busy preparing for my upcoming appearances. I'm only vending at shows in

Shop Update – Vox Machina Reliquary Prints & Tsumami Lapel Pins2018-06-29T10:36:52+00:00
25 05, 2018

The Voice of the Tempest Reliquary


Although I am, of course, a huge fan of a lot of things (most obviously, Sailor Moon), I don't often do fanart. This has changed recently, with my husband and I's growing interest in

The Voice of the Tempest Reliquary2018-05-25T14:24:13+00:00
11 05, 2018

Iris Kanzashi


Last year was a pretty solid year for me in terms of kanzashi making. These iris kanzashi are 'new to you,' in that I crafted them last year, but am only now getting around

Iris Kanzashi2018-05-08T00:00:08+00:00
6 04, 2018

The Cobalt Reserve Reliquary


My husband and I, if you didn't know, are big fans of Critical Role. We watch the show together every Thursday as part of our date night ritual, and two years ago we got

The Cobalt Reserve Reliquary2018-04-18T01:19:17+00:00
30 03, 2018

Shop Update + New Mossy Brooch


It's been super busy here in the studio recently, but even though I have a lot of things on the go I just don't have too many things that are finished enough that I

Shop Update + New Mossy Brooch2018-03-30T23:31:48+00:00