16 11, 2018

Watercolor Stars Kanzashi


Only a few more weeks left until Sundog Arts & Entertainment Faire - my last art show for the year - so of course I've been working hard at completing as many new pieces

Watercolor Stars Kanzashi2018-10-22T01:42:01-04:00
9 11, 2018

Bellflower Kanzashi


Before we got consumed with house-related projects, I was trying to finish some new large kanzashi pieces. Sometimes when I'm working on larger, more detailed pieces, I get distracted, but I always circle back

Bellflower Kanzashi2018-10-22T01:18:00-04:00
2 11, 2018

Fall & Winter Barrettes


Continuing the theme from last week's blog post, I'm happy to be sharing even more kanzashi barrettes with ya'll today! These kanzashi barrettes are following fall and winter themes - which are, in all

Fall & Winter Barrettes2018-10-20T21:26:43-04:00
26 10, 2018

Cherry Blossom Barrettes


Life has been pretty hectic the last few months. Getting our house renovated and ready to actually live in has been a lot of work, and hasn't left me much time to work on

Cherry Blossom Barrettes2018-10-20T20:58:58-04:00
25 05, 2018

The Voice of the Tempest Reliquary


Although I am, of course, a huge fan of a lot of things (most obviously, Sailor Moon), I don't often do fanart. This has changed recently, with my husband and I's growing interest in

The Voice of the Tempest Reliquary2019-01-31T14:04:57-04:00