25 02, 2019

The Pathos of Things – Spring (Miniature)


I wasn't expecting to have this piece done quite so soon, but I'm pleasantly surprised to share with you all this next piece in The Pathos of Things collection - Spring (miniature). This piece

The Pathos of Things – Spring (Miniature)2019-03-02T19:02:42-04:00
15 02, 2019

The Pathos of Things – Autumn (Miniature)


I decided this year that instead of trying to produce a ton of small pieces, that I wanted to focus on creating larger pieces that stretch my creativity. Making little pins is fun, but

The Pathos of Things – Autumn (Miniature)2019-02-15T10:26:27-04:00
11 01, 2019

Royal Blue Bridal Kanzashi Set


A lot of artists want to make a living from their art. I used to think that was what I wanted too; I even got my degree in art. But, I eventually realized that

Royal Blue Bridal Kanzashi Set2019-01-11T15:25:06-04:00
16 11, 2018

Watercolor Stars Kanzashi


Only a few more weeks left until Sundog Arts & Entertainment Faire - my last art show for the year - so of course I've been working hard at completing as many new pieces

Watercolor Stars Kanzashi2018-10-22T01:42:01-04:00