2 10, 2020

Peacock Embroidered Shirt


As part of what will probably be a lifelong quest to use all of the embroidery floss left to me by my grandmother, I've been slowly coming up with designs for embroidery projects. Combined

Peacock Embroidered Shirt2020-09-29T02:27:23-04:00
17 09, 2020

Phoenix Kimono Remake Dress


The last few years I've been thinking a lot about how unhealthy the accumulation of too much 'stuff' is and how that ties into what I make and how I make it. One of

Phoenix Kimono Remake Dress2020-09-16T13:52:27-04:00
22 01, 2020

Heart On My Sleeves Sweater


It's been a while since my last post, and things have been a little crazy around these parts. There's been major upheavals in my work life, and of course the madness that is the

Heart On My Sleeves Sweater2020-01-22T20:41:53-05:00
27 09, 2019

Moon Princess Bomber Jacket


As I've probably mentioned before, Sailor Moon is one of the great fandoms of my life.  With the popularity of Sailor Moon Crystal there has been a revival of Sailor Moon related merchandise, which

Moon Princess Bomber Jacket2019-09-18T19:17:05-04:00
9 03, 2018

Silver Millennium T-Shirts + Downloadable Pattern!


I've always got a lot of projects on the go at the same time, but I find that doing too many long, difficult projects at once can be draining. So, this weekend I took

Silver Millennium T-Shirts + Downloadable Pattern!2018-04-10T12:19:22-04:00