7 02, 2020

Harry Potter Wedding Handkerchief


It feels like 2020 has only just begun, but it's already been full of highs and lows. One of the absolute highs has been planning to attend weddings for two of my very good

Harry Potter Wedding Handkerchief2020-01-31T19:52:40-05:00
31 03, 2019

The Dawnflower’s Trousseau


It's be nearly a year since I finished the first set in my Vox Machina Reliquary collection, which is a bit longer than I'd intended it to take. Critical Role is well into Campaign

The Dawnflower’s Trousseau2019-03-31T16:30:54-04:00
11 01, 2019

Royal Blue Bridal Kanzashi Set


A lot of artists want to make a living from their art. I used to think that was what I wanted too; I even got my degree in art. But, I eventually realized that

Royal Blue Bridal Kanzashi Set2019-01-11T15:25:06-05:00
10 08, 2018

Hand Embroidered Monogram Wedding Handkerchief


Things have been very busy here the last few weeks. We just took possession of our first home, and we've been busting tail to get things rolling on the renovation of our basement -

Hand Embroidered Monogram Wedding Handkerchief2018-08-09T14:58:40-04:00
29 08, 2016

Kylie’s Lily Kanzashi Set


This weekend I was very happy to attend my friend Kylie's bridal shower. I wanted to make something special for her for her big day, so I sent her a text a few weeks ago

Kylie’s Lily Kanzashi Set2016-11-08T12:52:02-05:00