Part of me doesn’t like to discuss politics in public. There’s something distasteful about it, and I don’t like adding to the endless stream of political ranting that seems to have taken over our social media and news feeds. But, another part of me, growing louder every day, says that remaining silent makes me complicit in all of awful things that are happening.

I’ve heard that artists, actors, people in entertainment shouldn’t express a political opinion, but that seems to go against the entire point of art. The entire point of producing art is to express your opinion. So, I drew this piece to try and work through my own experience of the current state of politics in my homeland.

I think of it as my version of a protest poster. Everyone reacts to art differently, and takes away from it what they want. To me, this is about surviving and rising up. However, I don’t encourage violence.

What I do encourage is that people support each other. If someone is hungry, feed them. If someone is being harassed, speak up. If someone tells you they are frightened, don’t dismiss them; even if you don’t understand, they are afraid – and it doesn’t harm you in any way to comfort them. If you don’t understand someone or something, listen and learn.

If you’re reading this, you have access to the entirety of human knowledge in the palm of your hand or the screen in front of you. Even if you can’t find the truth entire, you can find a lot of facts – facts backed by science and statistics, not just opinions informed by anecdotes and fear. Educate yourself; find ways around your own biases. I fight mine every day.

I’m not sure what my readers will take away from this art or this post, but I hope that if you’re feeling frightened this gives you comfort. If you’re angry, I hope that you keep that fire burning and turn it to something productive. And, if you’re standing on the fence thinking everything is peachy keen, turning a blind eye to the terrible things that are happening, I hope this is a wake up call.