23 02, 2018

Kusudama Kanzashi


Kusudama are one of my favorite kinds of kanzashi. There is something appealing to me about their round shape; they make me think of balloons and odango although they are neither. They are actually

Kusudama Kanzashi2017-11-08T17:04:19-05:00
19 08, 2016

Plum Kanzashi Hairpins


Plum blossoms were one of the first flowers that bloomed near me when I was living in Japan.  They actually bloomed before the cherry blossoms, which Japan is so famous for. Having never seen a

Plum Kanzashi Hairpins2016-11-08T12:52:02-05:00
15 08, 2016

Large Pink Camellia Kanzashi Hair Fork


Over the last week I did a huge batch of dyeing; two shades of yellow, two shades of green, two shades of pink, and two-toned white and pink squares. The two-toned squares were all new

Large Pink Camellia Kanzashi Hair Fork2016-11-08T12:52:02-05:00
8 08, 2016

Camellia Kanzashi Hair Clips


Continuing with the theme from last Friday, I finished up some hair clips with white and pink camellias. Camellias are a motif  worn by maiko (apprentice geisha) during the month of February, along with kusudama

Camellia Kanzashi Hair Clips2016-11-08T12:52:02-05:00
29 07, 2016

Aqua Kusudama with Tassel Kanzashi Hair Fork


I've had this kusudama (medicine ball) sitting in a box for a long while, mostly finished but not quite. I didn't want to use it on one of my boxes because it's really large

Aqua Kusudama with Tassel Kanzashi Hair Fork2016-11-08T12:52:03-05:00