10 07, 2020

Cherry Blossom and Butterfly Ear Cuff II


My new job has been going really well, thank goodness, but I have still been pushing myself to work on art. I've been in the mood to work on cherry blossoms recently. Luckily, I

Cherry Blossom and Butterfly Ear Cuff II2020-07-08T21:28:36-04:00
6 06, 2019

Cherry Blossom & Butterfly Ear Cuff + Anime North Report


Now that I've had some time to get back to cool down, I'm excited to share with you my newest tsumami craft piece - and my report from Anime North. I've never been to

Cherry Blossom & Butterfly Ear Cuff + Anime North Report2019-06-06T14:00:30-04:00
30 03, 2018

Shop Update + New Mossy Brooch


It's been super busy here in the studio recently, but even though I have a lot of things on the go I just don't have too many things that are finished enough that I

Shop Update + New Mossy Brooch2018-03-30T23:31:48-04:00
19 01, 2018

A Bevy of Brooches, Part I


The last several conventions I've attended people have asked me if I had any larger pins or brooches.  I hadn't really planned to make brooches last year, but after encountering this same question several

A Bevy of Brooches, Part I2018-01-16T00:16:53-05:00
12 01, 2018

Embroidered Wildflower Collar


I've always been kind of lazy about taking care of myself. I've never put a lot of effort into how I dress, don't spend a lot of time on hair or skincare, and although

Embroidered Wildflower Collar2018-01-29T17:43:50-05:00